Impact. Restore. Disciple. Repeat.

Impacting Costa Rica

You don’t need to go very far to make an impact on those in need. The poverty rate in Costa Rica is over 20%. There is a slum in every town, and their needs are incredible. There are kids on the streets in drugs and violence. Homeless.

Consider joining us on a short term mission trip to help us meet the needs around us.

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Restoring & Discipling

Using a biblically based program, Til He Returns hopes to restore the dignity of work to break the cycle of poverty. Coupling this program with hands on job training, Til He Returns is actively involved in “teaching a man to fish” while also instiling the character of Christ. This opens doors to naturally disciple.

Consider partnering with the ministry to expand this program and bring more people out of their current situations!

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Summer Intern Testimony

“There are a lot of things I experienced while in Costa Rica that were all amazing and ultimately soul changing. The people are beautiful and not afraid to look you in the eye. The Lord taught me a lot about ministry and faith. It’s one thing to know that the Lord gives us all different gifts, but another to see all of those gifts used for His kingdom. I saw ministry in the form of dance, evangelism, prophecy, with children, in teaching, in service, in prayer, with healing, in music, in skateboarding and in hard labor. It opened my eyes to the body of Christ for sure. Another thing the Lord taught me is trust. Definitely definitely blind faith…”

Summer 2013, Rachael B.

Mission Trip Testimony

We just got back from Costa Rica a few weeks ago and I already have a countdown for when we get to go down again. Micah and Melissa are two of the most awesome people I have ever met! Their family’s heart for Costa Rica is seen in everything they do.

One of the best experiences that I had while being down there with this amazing family was getting to work with so many children. This trip truly changed my spirit. It blessed me to be apart of Micah and Melissa’s ministry. It was awesome so see such a young and inspiring family living on the missions field. It was touching to see them pouring their hearts into this country for the Kingdom of God. This trip was an inspiration to every part of me and I am looking forward to being better friends with this awesome family and gaining a heart for Costa Rica.

2015, Dalton Thomas, Children’s Pastor, Artesia, New Mexico