Til He Returns


Til He Returns is a 501c3 non-profit organization, established to bring fundamental transformation to the marginalized communities of Costa Rica through the active engagement of need-appropriate programs. Til He Returns works hard to not create a dependency between the ministry and it’s participants through hand-outs, but instead encourages the participant to work for, or earn, the reward (food, baby clothes, job skills, etc).

With high levels of poverty, violence, abuse, addictions, and unwed mothers, we are committed to provide life and leadership developmental resources as a means to break the cycle that so often repeats itself in their next generation.

Our programs are based on mutualistic dependency and are designed to make repeated IMPACT on communities which breeds authentic relationships. Ultimately, this allows us to see lives RESTOREDDISCIPLESHIP is a natural byproduct and very rarely has a clear start or finish date. On their own, our participants are inspired to REPEAT this process with their friends and family.

While we have barely made a dent in the need here, most of our participants have demonstrated change in their character, learned a life skills that is helping to support their families and have restored relationships.



Repeated impact is the only way to see true transformation and restoration in a community. Til He Returns is able to creatively and effectively use a multitude of skills to impact the marginalized communities and restore dignity & identity.

Through intervention programs, counseling, parenting seminars, skill development & entrepreneurship training, medical outreaches, a food pantry, and more,  Til He Returns is able to IMPACT at-risk communities and open doors to restoration.

*You can be a part of IMPACTING Costa Rica through a short term mission trip, internship, or even prayer partner.


Through repeated impact, Til He Returns then offers our job skills training program partnership with Casa Transforma where we teach occupational skills such as cooking, sewing, soap-making, welding, upholstery and more as well as provide entrepreneurial training that teaches money management, creating a business plan, and saving.

Til He Returns truly has a conviction to invest into these at-risk communities, encourage participants to search out their talents and resources; RESTORE DIGNITY and FIND IDENTITY.

Here’s a glimpse of how we IMPACT & RESTORE.

*You can be a part of RESTORING Costa Rica by supporting financially our skills training centers/Casa Transforma in order for us to maintain materials/supplies for classes.


Once Til He Returns has walked with a person through the introductory stages of the counseling programs and the restoration programs, there comes a shift from the practical to the spiritual. There are no timelines per se here, just a natural occurring transition. Our long-term relationship of mutualistic dependency provides a level of trust that move our participants to open their hearts to discipleship.

*You can be a part of DISCIPLING by coming on short-term trips or participating in the internship and sharing through teachings or even simply demonstrating the love of Christ that we teach.


The vision of Til He Returns is B I G. Where we are now is simply the beginning of what we see God doing through the ministry. Having said that, our objective is to IMPACT the lost into true relationship with Christ, full RESTORATION and healing, and teach them to walk with Christ daily as His DISCIPLE. Once we have accomplished this, the new believer will not only REPEAT this in others, but also find a way serve and show others in the same situation they just came from that there is hope!



Do you love to serve others? Do you have a special skill? Would you like to use those skills to further our mission? You may not even need to leave your hometown. Let’s chat.