About Us

Til He Returns, a non-profit 501c3 organization, was established by Micah and Melissa Mixon in January 2012 when they both arrived to Costa Rica to serve in a local ministry teaching English. After a couple of years praying for vision and direction, the Lord made it very clear what their direction would be.

Please feel free to download, print, and share our ministry brochure (See the sidebar) which also briefly gives an overview of what we do here.


Micah and Melissa are very talented and outspoken in their faith. Both are able to creatively and effectively use their skills to impact the lost and hurting for Christ and restore dignity and identity.

Using dance, the arts, counseling, motorcycle shows, job skills training and empowerment, Til He Returns can go into any community and draw out those who truly need a touch from the Lord.

*You can be a part of IMPACTING Costa Rica through a short term mission trip, internship, or even prayer partner.


Once we have impacted a person, whether they have received Christ or not, Til He Returns looks to see how they can truly connect and walk with them in a way that brings healing and restoration. Most often this is through our counseling center and/or our job skills training partnership with Casa Transforma where we teach integrity, entrepreneurship, a trade/skill (cooking, sewing, soap-making, hair/nails), money management, etc. Til He Returns truly has a conviction to invest themselves into others, walk with them, encourage them to search out their God given talents and resources; RESTORE DIGNITY and FIND IDENTITY.

Here’s a glimpse of how we IMPACT & RESTORE.

*You can be a part of RESTORING Costa Rica by supporting financially our pregnancy center or Casa Transforma in order for us to maintain materials/supplies for classes.


Once Til He Returns has been able to walk with a person through the introductory stages of the counseling program and/or the job skills training program, there comes a shift from practical help to spiritual discipleship. There is no timeline per se here, simply after walking with someone long enough, a very natural transition occurs. Questions come, their hearts open up, and it is easy for them to listen to godly guidance and biblical teaching.

*You can be a part of DISCIPLING by coming on short-term trips or participating in the internship and sharing through teachings or even simply demonstrating the love of Christ that we teach.


The vision of Til He Returns is B I G. Where we are now is simply the beginning of what we see God doing through the ministry. Having said that, our objective is to IMPACT the lost into true relationship with Christ, full RESTORATION and healing, and teach them to walk with Christ daily as His DISCIPLE. Once we have accomplished this, the new believer will not only REPEAT this in others, but also find a way serve and show others in the same situation they just came from that there is hope!